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Nowadays, many children are even busier on weekends than on weekdays, because they have to attend many remedial classes. In the remedial class, many children have to learn more skills, this is to make them better or get admitted to a good school, but the children often become unhappy, they lose the free time to play. These children tend to become anxious, because they are faced with many lessons, they have no time to do their homework, and even eat in a hurry. I think children should be given some time to rest, do work and rest. Weekend is used to relax time, appropriate rest can improve learning efficiency, so that children with a relaxed and happy attitude towards learning. Children should learn to relax! The children can try to persuade the parents, but they need to be calm, do not quarrel and give a good reason. The appropriate reduction of some courses can reduce their own pressure. If you can not convince the parents, also want to give yourself appropriate to reduce the psychological burden, such as reading, listening to music, sports and so on. In some ways, being a happy child is more important than being a successful one.sTM作文网


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