How to Prevent Typhoons相关作文-如何预防台风英语作文150字

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Typhoon is one of the natural disasters, and it is also one of the most frequent and most serious natural disasters in the world. So, how do we prevent typhoon approaching? Some of the following methods are important.W2c作文网

First, we should pay close attention to the latest developments of typhoons and make all preparations for their arrival. Secondly, we should prepare flashlights, rechargeable treasures, compressed foods, drinking water and commonly used medicines in advance for urgent needs. Thirdly, we should close the doors and windows, check whether the doors and windows are strong, and at the same time, check whether the electrical circuits, fires, gas and other facilities are safe.W2c作文网

In a word, we should not panic when typhoon comes. We should pay attention to Typhoon news while taking precautions.W2c作文网


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