My Favorite Teacher相关作文-我最喜欢的老师英文作文150字

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My favorite teacher is a woman chemistry teacher. She has long hair and a pair of glasses. the whole person gives me a good impression. She spoke very gently and seldom scolded us. Several times we did poorly in the monthly exam, but she only gave us an analysis of the reasons and warned us to study hard. So most people in our class feel that she is a good teacher.64h作文网

Her lectures are also very attractive. Every time I come to her class, I will concentrate on listening carefully. It is because of the influence she has brought to me that my chemistry scores are also good.64h作文网

Now I miss her very much. If I have the chance to meet her, I will say thanks to her. Thanks for meeting her in the last year of junior middle school, thanks for her hard work in educating us and thanking her for coming.64h作文网


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