A letter to Nancy相关作文-给南希的一封信英语作文150字

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Dear Nancy,K6V作文网

Long time no see, I miss you very much. I want to tell you something about my heart now. You have taught us English for three years. I have gained a lot in these three years. Thank you very much for your training. Even though you are disappointed with us, you still haven't given up on us. This makes me feel very admired. But I am very sorry for some of my actions. Sometimes, I will read novels or magazines in your class, or do my homework without listening carefully. To this, I want to say to you that I am sorry. No matter What teacher's class, I will listen carefully in the future. There is also the high school entrance examination, failed to give you a champion, or quite lost, but I believe that you will definitely meet better students than me in the future.K6V作文网

I hope your work will be more and more successful, and I hope you are all right.K6V作文网

Your student,K6V作文网

August 5, 2019K6V作文网


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