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Chrysanthemums decorate themselves with colourful colors. I came to the hillside and looked far away. Look! Chrysanthemum blooming in the distance: red Sihuo, heartily bloom, one is like a raging flame burning; powder like Xia, let a person feel sweet, gentle, pure, breeze, they are swaying in the wind, like floating pink mist; white as snow, make people become calm. White chrysanthemums bloom as if covered with a layer of snow, and they like in the snow fairy stand among this, Gao Jie and not touch any human world. Various colors of chrysanthemum are open and beautiful.dK6作文网

At the time of deep autumn, deep frost and chrysanthemum, I was in a curious and exciting mood to follow my father to the park to see the Chrysanthemum Exhibition. As soon as I entered the gate of the park, I seemed to be in a marvelous ocean of flowers. From afar, chrysanthemum like a beautiful Hydrangea, like a beautiful fireworks, they riotous with colour, white like snow, red Sihuo, like Xia, yellow like gold, green jade...... They bloom, flourish. From nearby, the chrysanthemum has sized the size of some petals is a layer of crowded together, there is a single circle array. Most of the petal edges are curled up inside, some petals are flaky, some are filamentous, some petals are curved to the inside, and the flowers are all wrapped up; some petals are outwardly spreading, showing a flower like a little sunflower. Touch the petals, smooth smooth, your nose in the past to smell a faint fragrance.dK6作文网

A riot of colours, chrysanthemum shapes, beautiful, elegant fragrance. Red, like a burning flame; white, like the winter sky falling snow; purple, like the sky bright rays; yellow, like a pile of gold glitter in the sun. Large, round like clusters of small balls of brocade; like exquisite lanterns, lamp. The patches, clusters of chrysanthemums bloom, in the shade of dark green leaves under the more charming. Chrysanthemum emanates a light, elegant and simple fragrance, which is delightful and endless. Although there is no chrysanthemum Peony's no rose enchanting, Lily not pure, but it is the most pure, the most beautiful and elegant flower! The frost is down, the flowers withered, only chrysanthemum open, his kind of it in the harvest season of flowering, perhaps not so noticeable, but people in the busy season, can smell the smell of it is excellent. Chrysanthemum, straightened, straightened, again to winter demonstrations. Although the fierce wind blowing, over its body, although there is some wind rain kept underground, rushed over to its waist ridge, but it never bow to me!dK6作文网

Chrysanthemum although less than the noble peony but the lack of quality is far better than the quality of the peony big with pride. The rose has a bright red leaf and a nose of flaps. But the golden leaf of chrysanthemum helps the small particles to smell more than the roses.dK6作文网

Chrysanthemum tea can also make tea. Not only can, can also be used as medicinal materials. Chrysanthemum rushed out tea aroma but also very sweet. Chrysanthemum medicine can treat diarrhea, is very useful to people, can be said: Chrysanthemum whole body is treasure.dK6作文网


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