Spring Festival相关作文-春节英语作文200字

时间:2020-12-13 11:21:20 高二英语作文

Last year’s Spring Festival is special. My uncle and my aunt came back from Shanghai. My family were very happy to keep the Spring Festival with them. And it was the most exciting festival of all the festivals.lKd作文网

On New Year’s Eve, my father and my uncle talked about their work together. My mum did some cooking with my aunt Grandparents and I watched the New Year TV programmes. At about six o’clock, we had a special family dinner. We all thought the dumplings were delicious.lKd作文网

On the first day of the New Year, we visited our relatives. In the afternoon, we went shopping in Jiefanf Road. My uncle bought some Jay’s CDs. He likes Jay’s music very much. There were so many people on the road. It was more alive than any other time of a year.lKd作文网

On the second and the third days, we spent a wonderful weekend in the country. There were much bigger trees than in the city. And the animals were more beautiful than in the city. We all enjoyed ourselves.lKd作文网

I had an interesting Spring Festival. How about you?lKd作文网






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