The Key to Success相关作文-成功的秘诀英语作文

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Everyone gets the itch to succeed, but only part of them can make their dreams come true. you maybe wonder: What is the key to success? The answer is To keep the desire to learn .YU0作文网

Keep the desire to learn, and you will never be satisfied with what you have known. Always keep a curious mind to all the mysterious parts of the world. Keep the desire to learn, and whatever difficulties you face, the strong belief will support you in solving the problems. Keep the desire to learn, just as Ms Curie puts it: Nothing in the world is to be feared, it is only to be understand. So everything is possible if we try our best and never give up.YU0作文网

One who does not have the desire to learn will never reach their goals. They are always shortsighted and are easily be satisfied with the very little thing they have known. In fact, knowledge, just like the ocean, never has a rim. Whenever and wherever you are, you should remember: what you are learning is only the surface.YU0作文网

In a word, always keep the desire to learn, and the door of success will open to you one day.YU0作文网

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