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This movie is about a couple of good sisters, when her sister princess Essar accidentally used magic to hurt her sister Anna, Essar's heart is very painful, she loves, she is not allowed to hurt his sister, hurt others, she shut herself in her room out. When I saw that the feelings between the two sisters were separated by that door, I thought it would be good for Essar to be born without magic. They can be happy together, but the fact is so ruthless.1qW作文网

"Frozen" this movie is very touching. It was about a sister sister's personality deeply attached to each other, very cold, but very temperament, but also have ice magic, as long as gently touch certain items or characters, or even liquid, would have been firmly sealed ice, while my sister is just the opposite, the younger sister is an ordinary princess, not only without any mana, and personality is pure, lovely and lively, but because my sister have mana with my sister in isolation, but I don't know What happened.1qW作文网

Elsa attitude toward his magic by fear to face the ups and downs in my mind. Although we have no magic, we also encounter "magic" that prevents us from growing up--difficulties and setbacks in life, ridicules and ridicules of others, and our own shortcomings. We will be self abased and timid, not brave enough to face, and even give in to these difficulties. So we ignore our potential, we choose to escape, choose to hide, we are weak, we end up in a mediocre silence. But if we can face them bravely, regardless of whether others want to say, even if is not afraid of any exposed to wind and rain, a world of ice and snow, then we can develop our strengths, our ultimate breakthrough.1qW作文网

After watching "snow romance" I know, do not experience wind and rain, how can see the rainbow, no one can casually succeed! The ending is beautiful. Though we are in a bit of ups and downs during the period, we still need to tell you that those who love you most will always be there for you, even if you are not around, but you will always turn around. Don't be afraid of your shortcomings. Don't be afraid of the distance of your dreams. Be brave enough to face your real self, face your real desire bravely, set goals for yourself, set goals, and push forward with continuous improvement of your courage and progress. To be true itself is a beautiful dream, to be the happiest and happiest thing to be truly yourself!1qW作文网