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the orangutans never come close to the city, often in the rainforests, like our ancestors, living in caves. They often play, play, and eat ants in the jungle. If you are in the summer night in the suburbs, you can't even hear the roar of the orangutan! They seem to be very clean, often combing their hair with their own hands. But unlike the gorilla monkey, will be at the top of the tree thrashing around. In order not to be found by the enemy, they are all under the tree. They do not shake any tree or accidentally put a tree a punch rustling. The orangutan is very powerful, but it will never attack you as long as you don't provoke it.B7G作文网

We came to watch it in front of the gorilla, I saw him in the impatient walking, face a sad face, as if to escape from this "animal prison", to return to the embrace of nature. Suddenly, a naughty little boy walked over, and in front of it, yelling. The chimpanzee, who was in a bad mood, was insulted and was completely irritated. It ran around the wall, running and beating up its chest. The little boy cried out in fear, and I was scared. After a while, the gorilla stopped calling. I imitated it to beat the breast with my hands, who knew that the gorilla saw it, and thumped his breast, and called it, but on his face it was a happy expression. At this time, I was shocked: the gorilla beat breast not angry? Why it can be so happy, not just the bare teeth, is not on the chest there are other gorillas?B7G作文网

With the progress of science and technology, chimpanzee is also regarded as the "experimental product" of human beings. For example, humans have been trained to open space shuttle to space exploration. Now chimpanzee can even play a computer! Wow! So smart, so great! I like chimpanzee because it's smart, cute, and a bit naughty. Second only to human beings, chimpanzee is probably the "Einstein" in the animal. Well... Maybe future science and technology can teach chimpanzee to speak!B7G作文网