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the success of anyone is accidental, but everyone will not be free to succeed. One's destiny can never be divorced from the country and the times. If Buffett was born in China in 1930, he could only start his career when he was 60 in 90s of last century. Luckily, he was born in the United States, so he could start an investment career at the age of 20. Investment as early as possible. The power of the compound is great. Buffett realized this early, and he accumulated $100 million through investment at the age of 40.III作文网

A firm way of investing in value. Buffett and his parents, these two generations, have experienced a relatively difficult environment. During the great depression, the father of Buffett had advised his wife to stay at her home for a period of time, because at least it could be full and not at home. Through this life, to have some advantages of quality, not easy to be tempted by the company. For this reason, Buffett and his father are all idealists. When Buffett's father was a congressman, he refused to pay long wages and was dissatisfied with the special treatment he could enjoy as a member of Parliament and announced them to the public. Because of political disagreement, he insisted on opposing the red men in the Republican Party and later President Eisenhower, and thus ended the political life. Buffett has been a stockbroker, who recommends a good stock to clients for 20 years, even though it loses a lot of commission. Buffett asked his father not to give himself a share in the will. This helps Buffett to form an ideal way of investing in value: the patience of long-term ownership and the risk of not pursuing a short-term profit.III作文网

His character doesn't interest me also don't want to evaluation, I appreciate him for the concept of investment control, only do they understand the investment, would rather miss the countless chance of an outbreak, to strictly control the risk, even through the valley, no matter how proud, still insist on its own way. He grabbed the essence of the economy, rather than the Volkswagen, and was lame by the flamboyant appearance.III作文网


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